Network Solutions

Our aim is to enhance your IT infrastructure, enabling your employees to work at their highest level of productivity while achieving maximum operational efficiency. A proficiently designed network connects a variety of devices and systems effortlessly, facilitating communication and streamlining workflow. This approach minimizes downtime, even in the work-from-home environment.

Network Installation

Acquire and deploy cutting-edge wireless technologies that align with your requirements and grow in tandem with your business.  Whether you’re establishing a new environment or extending your existing one, we will strategize, install, and validate your system to guarantee optimal functionality for your end users.

The meticulous planning and skillful execution of a network wiring project are pivotal to the overall efficiency of your IT systems.


Guarantee the peak performance and swift operation of your network, all the while enabling your users to harness the advantages of mobility.

VAI’s team of cabling and wireless experts manage every facet of your network, spanning from initial installation and configuration to the tidying and arrangement of your server closets.